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Working Padlock With Equipment


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Attention! This lego set idea has been developed with inspiration of everyday objects, with loads of fun and a dozen of time!

Did you ever Wonder if your bricks are LOCKed and safe? Now with this working Lego padlock you can always make sure they are!

What makes our idea special?

- It is made with effort, excellent design solutions, hours of hard work and it is to brim filled with useful pieces in different colours!
- We wanted to create something smaller and affordable, so everyone could have an opportunity to enjoy their adventure with those brilliant bricks!

Alright then, but how it works? You may ask.

- It is pretty simple – the secret hiding behind functionality of our model is compact mechanism visible through insets on both sides of the padlock.

All you have to do is turn your key and „lurk” how it works!

How do i know if my padlock is locked?

- we provided this model with smart contraption on upper part of padlocks case that makes you sure your padlock is either locked or unlocked.

Stay calm and be aware:

- We made sure that the key [if used properly] will always fit the keyhole,
- This model has been provided with case resistant to squeezing and shaking, so mechanism itself will not turn without inserted key.

Padlock is made of:

- Massive durable base,
- Stands to prevent keyhole from dirt,
- Case mainly made of smooth bright light orange pieces with viewing window in the middle,
- Integrated with mechanism telltale on top that symbolizes opening and closing sequence,
- Hoop stick that has been dAesigned to bring to mind the real one.

Dimensions of the padlock:

- Padlock is more than 15 cm high when closed [more than 20 when opened],
- About 9 cm wide,
- Around 5 cm deep.

Contains of the set [idea]:

- Key,
- Chain,
- Keychain,
- Padlock.

Piece count: 482 pieces total.
This model doesn’t include any off-brand pieces or new non-existing parts.

It is your turn to turn the key!
Your suport will give us motivation for further work!

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