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Spiderman Mosaic


About This Project:

This project idea is a mosaic inspired by Spiderman. I love Spiderman and I thought it was a cool challenge to try to re-create this image of him using Lego. The mosaic is about three feet tall and about two feet long. It is only two studs in depth. The mosaic looks the same on both sides and stands easily on it's base. I had to use some see through bricks to support his leg that is not touching the base and also used some to give added support to his other leg. If this project was approved I would make the see through bricks completely clear because I don't have enough currently to do so.

I made this mosaic because I love Spiderman and liked the challenge of re-creating this image of him in Lego form. It was fun to build and it turned out really well I think.

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Happy Building.


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