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Lifeguard Headquarters


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The Inspiration
Since I was a child I have always loved LEGO Headquarters sets, a true milestone in the LEGO world.
I decided to create this project to pay homage to this theme by looking for a one of a kind design, which is inspired by the historic California lifeguard headquarters, located directly on the beach, a few steps from the sea.
I think this could be a very fun and playable set! 🌞🌊

The Idea
The headquarters is spread over 3 floors:

On the lowest floor is the garage for emergency vehicles: a ground rescue vehicle and a drone for reconnaissance and aerial support.
Outside, you can find a vintage rescue boat used for training recruits, a life preserver and sea rescue boards, as well as an outdoor shower that the lifeguards use before accessing the first floor.

⚠ WARNING: don't stop here to sunbathe, the area must remain free to guarantee rescue!

The entrance is on the first floor and there is everything for managing the beach:
- Stations for monitoring and collecting requests for help
- An infirmary corner, to carry out urgent first aid activities
- A recharging point for radios used by lifeguards
- An area for daily meetings

All the trophies won by the lifeguard team are displayed in the room and several historical photos of the headquarters, vintage oars and an old surfboard hang on the walls.
The floor is decorated with a large compass rose, to recall the marine theme.
In case of an emergency, you can quickly reach the beach using the pole located in front of the entrance door.

The upper floor is reserved for sighting activities, with large binoculars capable of seeing several miles away, and a monitoring station of the weather, directly connected to the sensors on the roof.
The lifeguards also carry out surveillance activities at night. For this reason, there is an adjustable spotlight on the external balcony and inside a small bed for rest shifts.

The headquarters is self-sufficient, thanks to the solar panels installed on the roof and the air conditioning system.

AH! If you see a cat wandering around, he is "rescue", the mascot of the headquarters! 😉

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