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Basketball Stadium (NBA)

Basket ball is not just a sport, but it's a full package of entertainment. It's one of the most watched sport in the world now! Since I also love it, I've always want to have any legoset related to basketball but couldn't find any.
That's the main reason why I am building this legoset. I'm sure that may of you also want to have this at home.

It's a full featured basket ball arena, which includes :
  • mini broadcast studio to livestream every single match
  • merchandise shop where fans can purchase jerseys and stuffs
  • players dressing room with lockers too
  • VIP box for distinguished guests, complete with coffee and snack bar
  • scoring board and giant screens
  • basket ball arena itself with tribunes for spectators
  • minifigures (the boss, the players, the cheerleaders, and staffs)

If you love basket ball, you should have this legoset!

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