Product Idea

BIONICLE Legacy: Storytelling With LEGO Bricks

**Update 10/13/2020**

A modular play and display set sure to delight fans of science fantasy, and of course: BIONICLE! Deep beneath the surface of their island paradise, a final battle awaits the heroic Toa… The heroes enter the ancient temple Kini Nui in order to gain access to their shapeshifting enemy, the Makuta, who lurks in the island’s underworld. Help the Toa survive the trials of Mangaia so that they can finally face Makuta and save their home!

Celebrate one of LEGO’s beloved original themes!


  • Turn the Technic crank under Kini Nui to lower Toa into the underground realm of Mangaia.
  • Beware of an ambush from the sinister Shadow Toa! Rebuild the infected villager into this dark enemy.
  • Rebuild the 6 Toa into the 2 Toa Kaita titans as they face the monstrous Manas!
  • “Destructible” towers help the heroes weaken their enemy.
  • Surround Makuta for a final elemental attack. Spin Makuta’s chaos by turning the Technic crank!


  • Villager Takua and the Toa Kaita are no longer included as separate models. The Toa Kaita can be assembled from the 6 Toa, with the addition of some extra (included) pieces.
  • Kini Nui temple module and additional "underground chamber” modules included.
  • Reconfigurable Shadow Toa included.

*Design note: Makuta's vortex was a challenge to recreate due to the inability to digitally manipulate flexible parts. Please bear this in mind, as some parts may appear to be floating, when in reality they are meant to attach to specific points on the flexible cables.

I appreciate everyone who has commented and supported so far. Thanks to my buddy HBbricks for providing inspiration for this update and thanks to AFOL Brandon Jones for helping me sort out my gear functions! Let's keep going!

**Original Proposal Below**

Makuta! We have come!

Battle it out in Mangaia! Deep beneath the surface of their tropical island home, the elemental Toa finally confront the dark and mysterious entity called Makuta. In their merged forms of the Toa Kaita, the heroes must first survive an attack by the Makuta’s monstrous Manas guardians. Will they emerge victorious before entering Makuta’s inner chamber?

As a play set and a display piece, BIONICLE Legacy aims to celebrate the impact of 2001’s hit LEGO theme. Upon its launch in 2001, BIONICLE introduced LEGO fans to a new world of possibilities in both story-telling and role-play building. What better scene to depict in this set than the first climax of the beloved legend, which most poetically and metaphorically represents playing with LEGO?

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The Design:

*BIONICLE Legacy: Storytelling with LEGO Bricks is a passion project devoted to the long-time fans; but it is also my hope that this set can serve as a gateway to spark the imagination of those unfamiliar with all the basic lore of BIONICLE. Tell your own story, and play your way!

*Recreates favorite scenes of the climactic BIONICLE battles in a vignette format. 

*Each circular platform is modular and can be displayed separately or connected and arranged according to preference.

*Alludes to the aesthetic of BIONICLE’s Technic roots as well as the theme’s classic atmospheric blend of the organic and mechanical.

The Features:

*"Destroy" the breakable towers to weaken the Manas and gain the advantage!

*Help the Toa surround Makuta for the final attack.

*Turn the Technic crank to spin the whirling chaos of Makuta in an assault against the Toa!

*Step through the gateway with special print featuring the Makuta’s symbolic icon.

*Includes brick-built versions of the six Toa warriors, the two Toa Kaita titans, the villager Takua with “lightstone”, the “infected” villager, and two Manas monsters.

*Includes approx. 2800 pieces. I designed BIONICLE Legacy to require a minimal amount of highly specialized pieces. Kanohi masks can be represented by prints. In addition to the Makuta icon print, this idea currently would have a total of 11 new prints.

Thank you very much for your support! Please be sure to tell your friends to support too – however works best for you – online, chat, forums, social media, or word of mouth. BIONICLE Legacy: Storytelling with LEGO Bricks needs 10,000 supporters in order for it to have a chance at becoming an official LEGO set! Let’s unite and make this happen!

For more images conveying this concept, please check out this Flickr link