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Science Olympiad Electric Vehicle


Thank you for viewing my creation!

This is a Science Olympiad project that I sucsessfuly completed with the use of Legos! 

A little about the Science Olympiad Electric Car.  The challenge is to build a vehicle from scratch that can travel a distance between 8-10 meters and stop on a specific point established the moment of the physical trial.  The school that has the fastest time and the closest distance away is the winner.  This is extrememly difficult due to the mathematics behind the launch, speed, time and distance.  This car was succesful because it used a very precise design that only used mechanical parts (motor, clutch and gears) as opposed to a computer to provide its movement.  Not only is the room for human error limeted, but the car only requires a simple algebraic algorithm to determine the distance it will travel.  The car worked flawlessly and was one of the most accurate vehicles out of about 20 different cars.  This particular car is decently fast, extremely structuraly rigid and very precise when set up correctly.


How to find the distance-

  1. You first take the objective distance the proctor tells you (on the day of) and convert it from meters to centimeters.
  2. Next you use the formula (in slope intercept form) to determine the number of revolutions you have to wind the wheels up based on their diameter (by subsituting the distance in for x)
  3. Lastly, once the wheels have been wound (which retracts the linear actuator), you simply line the car up and engage the red clutch
  4. Now, you turn the car on and watch it go!



  • Strong, colorful structure
  • Precise mechanism very very very rarely messes up
  • A great collection of expensive and handy pieces (Power Functions L motor, Large linear actuator, clutch gear and sleeve assembly)
  • The ability to change the diameter of the wheels allows you to have a very large range of distance
  • Great display piece
  • Great example of Legos used in the actual functional world
  • Thank you for viewing my creation!  Check out my projects page for more ideas!

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