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Viking Long Ship


This is a Viking ship that perfectly suits it's minifigure Viking crew.

I wanted a viking ship for a long time, now i am finally done.
It was definitely not easy to get the correct shape of the hull, it was a real accomplishment for me when i got that right. This ship was a real challenge to build, because of the shape of the hull, but i succeed using tiles along the sides, making it look sleek.
I have looked at a tons of pictures of Viking ships and the Gokstad-ship is one this model is inspired of.

Size: Minifig scale and It is about 70 cm long

The Viking ships notorious ruled the European seas during the late 8th to late 11th centuries.Viking ships were slender and flexible boats.The Vikings was mainly from Denmark, Swedem and Norway.

The vikings have always facinated me and i really think, That a set would be highly demanded both for it's historical influences and it's fearsome looks. A brick built hull would be much more satisfying to build rather than the big ship pieces LEGO normally use.

I built this ship because i think Viking ships looks awesome and being a Dane also had a big infkuence for this project.

If you would like to own your own LEGO Viking Ship please support this project. 

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