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Hide of Brigands

This is a hideout of robbers. As you can see, there are four. A former knight, a thief, an archer and a robber. This lego has a base divided into three small plates making a total of 16x28. The top can come off so I can play inside, I put a door on it, but it’s not a prison. I’m just saying that so there’s no confusion. There are three chests filled each with several coins and diamonds. In all, my creation is composed of 282 pieces of lego. I also put weapons like swords, crossbows or an axe and many others. There are also 4 apples, 4 chickens. On the top of the plate, I chose to add trees and plants to make it clear that their hiding place is underground. You can see a trapdoor or there’s a plant on it.

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