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Romany Caravan

A beautiful home on wheels. This Romany-inspired caravan has every comfort in a tiny space, all with the beautiful opulence of a traditional gypsy home.

I have always loved traditional Romany caravans, how they use space so efficiently while not compromising on decoration. Building this caravan was a great challenge in making every stud have a job, and every space used.

The roof lifts off easily to allow access to the interior.

Inside is a raised, curtained bed, a range cooker, a cupboard, a bookshelf, a sofa and a writing desk. Every wall and surface is decorated with tiny frames, ornaments, candles and plants.

On handy hooks there are all the tools you might need- binoculars for bird watching, an axe for gathering firewood, an umbrella, cooking tools, a broom and a spade for the only convenience not on board!

Hidden away are 3 extra compartments. The stairs to the bed fold up to reveal a cupboard under the bed, and if you raise the floor rug there is a secret compartment under the carriage to keep all the most precious items safe. At the back of the caravan there is also a luggage compartment.

The three windows are all adorned with luxurious deep red and gold curtains inside and have opening shutters on the outside. Wherever possible there are pearl gold embellishments. If this were to made as a set, I'd love to see even more decoration with stickers or printed bricks inside and outside with traditional painted patterns.

The door leads out to the porch and steps where the owner's guitar sits waiting to be played, a colourful pot plant, and a bucket for gathering mushrooms from the forest. Below a mother cat and kitten play in a little flower bed.

I think this set would be really enjoyable to explore and play with, I had great fun creating it!

Just under 1000 pieces in total.

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