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Record Breakers: Speed


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Record Breakers: Speed

Satisfy your need for speed with three classic record-breaking machines!

This set features perhaps the most iconic vehicles used in breaking world records for speed on water, land and air:

Bluebird K7 - aboard this hydroplane (boat), Donald Campbell broke the water speed record 7 times between 1955 and 1967, setting the record at 444Km/h - that's on water, remember!

Bell X-1 - Chuck Yeager was the first man to break the sound barrier aboard this iconic jet airplane. Long before video games, this fellow was sending sonic booms as early as 1947!

Blue Flame - the land speed record is arguably the most eagerly sought-after, and record-breaking attempts are planned years in advance. Gary Gabelich piloted the Blue Flame in 1970, when it was the first land vehicle to ever travel at a speed above 1,000 Km/h.

The models are in midi-scale, but all may be adapted to sit a minifigure by removing the windscreed bricks for added playability. The blue flame rolls on three wheels (the front wheel is hidden inside the "fuselage").

Together, the three models total 191 bricks, so this could be made easily into a €/$20 set, and could include minifigures of the three pilots.

Thanks for taking a look (and, hopefully, supporting the project)!


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