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Old Bertha Firetruck

Haven’t we all dreamed of being a firefighter in our childhood? Dealing with big Firetrucks and extinguishing even bigger fires? But first, how did the firefighter tradition begin? It was in the 17th century, when the cities grew bigger and with them the fires.

The first firefighters were brave members of gymnastic clubs who formed the first fire departments. But how would they get to the deployment point? In the beginning, horses and coaches with the first fire pumps were constructed, but animals and fire are not the best idea. So why don’t take the new invented car to bring the firefighters to the fire?
That is where the whole history and tradition of firetrucks began. So, it is reason enough for me to present you one of the earliest and probably most classic firetrucks in their long history of origin.
Here it is, The Old Berta; back in these days it was a masterpiece of German engineering combined with a beautiful design and a blessing for the firefighters.
I personally am a firefighter on voluntary base, so came the idea of building this classic firetruck when looking at the old timers of our fire department which are in good condition and make someone’s heart beat faster.
As well LEGO has a long history when it comes to LEGO firetrucks, so this will be a perfect addition to the already existing models.

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