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UCS Naboo Royal Starship

This is my third incarnation of the Naboo Royal Starship. Eventually I hope to have this display model vacuum chrome plated. I am really happy with the result of this design because the details are really true to the ship in the films. I worked with very limited source material. This ship is not well documented in the Star Wars universe.

Many Star Wars stories take place on Tatooine. Like the Millenium Falcon, the Naboo Royal Starship bridges the planet to the rest of the galaxy. And I feel that it fits great into the LEGO brand since it's an unarmed vessel, promoting peace and harmony in the galaxy through diplomacy.

What I love most are the great lines of this starship, and wanted to avoid using curved LEGO elements, instead the curves are made from flat plates. I see it as part of the Ultimate Collectors Series. Ideally built in chrome silver, but light grey is acceptable, and the landing gear would then be dark grey. It may be difficult to see in the pictures, the rockets have a trans-light blue 3 wide radar dish. This display model actually has blue LED inside for illuminating the propulsion jets.

Ground view details.

View of the underside detail. Landing gear design and placement is accurate to the films. All the landing gear and the boarding ramp are removable and the flaps conceal the openings.

Profile view.

Lighting shown in display model. Actual LEGO product would likely not include any LED illumination device.

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