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Gee Bee Air Racer


The Gee Be Air Racer is a small plane used for races and aerobatic

It has been created in 1932 in Massachusset by Granville Brothers Aircraft

it's very small and hard to pilot . it's one of the speedest racer plane ever build . it wins 1800 races out of 2400

His engine power is 800 CV and it can fly at 470 km/h

When I was young I have build one out of wood and now time was to build it in bricks

I very enjoy building it and I hope you will like building and playing with it

this set is made with 538 bricks, the cockpit can be opened, the propeller can turn and wheels too, a mini fig for the pilot is also provided

I propose also a small one ou can keep with you at the office for fun !!

this set can be used by adults and teenagers


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