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24 Advent Street

It’s December. Everyone is awaiting Christmas. Cold winds blow through the nocturnal alleys, burying the world under a white blanket of crystalline snowflakes. In the midst of a little street, a brightly illuminated shop is located, a shop which is now overwhelmed by children. Why? Well, they want to enjoy the weather and buy the needed equipment, such as sleighs, ski and beanie hats.

The most anticipated feast throughout the year is without a doubt Christmas. Thereby, children can look forward to Santa’s arrival by opening an advent calendar, one door a day. But what’s with the adults? They too want something to calm down during the stressful December days. Nothing is more relaxing than building and creating, imagining and thinking. That’s why I decided to give our adults a buildable advent calendar. Each day, they can build one twenty-fourth of a wintry modular building. With each part being connectable to the previous ones, they can see the house slowly growing – just as their delight of Christmas coming. One day earlier already, on November 30, they can build the baseplate to see the impressive dimensions their calendar will assume – just as children are allowed to open their calendar and see the depicted scenery. Christmas can come!

The tripartite building comprises an apartment for a family of mother, father and son, a little shop for winter sport equipment and a carport for a vintage motorcycle. In the adjacent flat, a wardrobe is located behind the entrance to 24 Advent Street, where a staircase leads to the above LEGO chamber, the balcony and the dining room with associated kitchen. Under the roof, a sleeping room lies next to the living room with its large fireplace. Can we already spot Santa coming?

The model consists of 2988 parts and 3 minifigures, so exactly 3000 parts in total. All parts exist in the used colors. The building measures 32 x 32 x 41 studs and weighs 2.8 kg, each individual room stands on an 8 x 8 studs-large basis.

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