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Vintage Russian Truck

In a world that depends on wood and other resources, trucks have the very important role of transporting them. This truck is a masterpiece of engineering and vintage looks.
You can open the doors to see the detailed interior or open the hood to see the beautifully crafted biturbo V6 engine with moving pistons.
The truck has high ground clearance due to the big wheels. It also has a vintage look with a large bed in the back due to the six wheels that the truck has.
In the truck's bed there is also a fully working crane that creates more playability features. You can use the crane to lift things then load them in or unload them from the truck.
On the mechanical side, the truck has the V6 engine connected to a 3 speed gearbox. You can shift the gears through the working gear lever from the cabin.
Even if displayed on a shelf or playing with it, the truck is a great way of showing engineering principles combined with playability features.
I built this set because I like the fact that it has many playing features and it also looks cool.
I believe that this would make a great Lego set because it shows people how a gearbox and an engine work together.

Dimensions: 35x13x22.5 cm

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