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Film Studio


This model is being submitted as a potential LEGO product. The Film Studio lets people make a movie from the very first stages of filming to the last stages of editing. The main camera can slide forward or backward, rotate, and tilt forward to frame the right shot. A 2nd B-roll camera can rotate and has a removable tape for when the tape needs replacement. There is a prop department next door in the process of designing new props. On the 2nd floor, you will find the editing room with a screenplay nearby and the producer's office where films are approved. There is a recording studio with mixer and sound-proof room for voice actors and dubbing. The last section has a standard sitcom set with two cameras.

I built this set out of my passion for filmmaking. As a person who has written, directed, acted in, and edited independent films for 13 years, I know a lot of the details that are involved in the filmmaking process. I was sure to include movable cameras, a boom operator with a boom mic, and the classic go-kart. 

I believe kids, teens, and adults alike can all enjoy this set because of all the interactive factors I have included. The cameras can be adjusted, scenes can be created, and people can enact the entire process of filmmaking from start to finish. Creativity can be expressed at its fullest. 

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