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Modular Japanese Street

This modular street consists of 3 plates which are capable of being connected in any order. Total part count is 2992 pieces.

Plate 1 (left in the image):
The main building contains a book store on the ground floor and a living area on the first floor. This living area contains a bed, table and lamp, kitchen and a tv on a tv cabinet.
Also on this plate is a section of park that has a cherry blossom tree with a bench underneath it for minifigures to rest on.

Plate 2 (centre in the image):
This plate has a smaller building, a small takeaway kitchen. The kitchen is fully fitted with sinks, an oven and a hob for all sorts of food to be cooked on. The front is open for easy service to the minifigures. the roof of this building has solar panels to power the kitchen and an air conditioning/extractor unit to keep it cool and keep smoke out.
This plate also contains the entrance gate to the park which is styled as a Japanese torii gate. Within this section of the park there is a statue to an ancient samurai hero.

Plate 3 (right in the image):
Another larger building on this plate. The ground floor has an open front which leads into a cake/ice cream shop and also a vending machine. There are cakes visible on top of the counter and some ice cream tubs below. The first floor of this building is accessible via the stairs on the exterior of the building and it contains a sofa in a small living area and an external balcony which overlooks the street. The roof of this building is also accessible by the ladder and this has two sun loungers on it so minifigures are able to enjoy warm weather.
The park section of this plate has small pond where the little frog lives.

I built this as I enjoy creating small scenes using buildings and minifigures and I thought this would be the perfect set to do that.

I believe this would make a great lego set as it is perfect for a small standalone display aswell as being perfect for a play set due to the variety of buildings and features it has. You can let your imagination go wild when placing minifigures. Also due to the modular design it is very versatile and can be connected to any modular sets already owned and the order of the buildings can be changed to fit how you want it.

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