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The epitome of class and style in automotive history, and inspired by Batman’s 75606 gold and black bat-mobile rover thing’s color scheme, comes an automotive marvel that even billionaires like Bruce Wayne would love (instead of using the normal black jeep in batman vs superman’s opening scene).

introducing the Goldsmobile! A upscale vehicle made for the complexities of the concrete jungle. It is a fully electric vehicle (for the environment) but still runs at a max of 220 kph, faster than any golf cart on the planet!

It comes in a solid glossy night-black color, but is adorned with 24 k solid pearl gold! Even the hood ornament is gold.

The target market of this vehicle are those billionaires who also love to fight crime! So, if ever you see evil afoot, fear not! The vehicle comes with 2 roof mounted stud shooters to shoot out more solid pearl gold studs!

That’s right! It shoots gold! Thats enough to stop criminals in their tracks! What more could you ever want in a vehicle?

Set Includes:
1 pc. Goldsmobile

Also comes with a car computer that can navigate the streets, thou it is powered by your own voice!

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