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The Hobbit - Ravenhill


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The Ravenhill was an outlying hill beneath Lonely Mountain. The hill extended southward from the mountain, looking over Celduin (the Running River) and the valley of Dale. The dwarves built a guard-post there, above which the ravens resided, led by Roäc. In the time that the dwarves were driven from Lonely Mountain by Smaug, Roäc's father Carc was the chief of the ravens. It was for the ravens that the hill was named. (

This set includes the modular watchtower, 6 minifigure and 2 animals:

  • Bolg with armor and his mace
  • 2 Orcs with armor, helmet and sword
  • Bilbo Baggins with a glowing blue sting
  • Fili with sword
  • Kili with sword
  • Tauriel with 2 daggers
  • a great eagle
  • a giant bat

I think, I made the giant bat as good as possible. You could rotate the wings in 360°! This projects has a little bit more than 700 pieces. Join your Ravenhill with other Ravenhills of your friends and you will have a really nice dwarven castle.

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