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Godzilla Taxi Chase



This Lego model contains 331 pieces. The taxi measures approx. 18cm long, Godzilla measures approx. 31 cm long and the sidewalk measures approx. 16 cm long. Incudes 4 minifigures: Nick with a radio, Audrey with a camera, Victor with a camera and Phillippe. Please note that Nick, Audrey and Phillippe are meant to have dual molded legs but due to technical diffuculties they cannot be seen very well in the image above.  

The Model

This lego model is based on the 1998 'Godzilla' movie when Godzilla chases Nick, Phillippe, Victor & Audrey through New York in a taxi.


The boot of the taxi is able to be detached from the body to make it look like Godzilla has pulled it off. The roof of the taxi is also detachable and four minifigures are able to fit inside.


Godzilla's arms, legs, neck, jaw & head are all moveable. If this model becomes a Lego set I would prefer if the body and tail were those found in set number 75919 'Indominus Rex Breakout'.


The traffic lights and fire hydrant can be knocked over to add to playablility. The sidewalk is rotatable to allow you to change the scenery. 

Why My Model?

This model would make a great Lego set because of the playability as it would appeal to young children. I also believe that Godzilla's brick built head on moulded body makes a unique creation and allow this set to stand out. 

Constructive Criticism is welcomed in the comments

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