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Bionicle Ignition Trilogy

I remember back in 2012 my grandma got me this big bag of bionicles, ranging from Sidorak to the Vahki. One set I liked more than the rest and that was Jaller Mahri. At the time I liked everything about him from his mask, to his crab. So I present to you the Bionicle Ignition Trilogy. This set has 10 minifigs, Including Hahli Ignika, Vezon, Zaktan, Maxilos, Takadox, Matoro Mahri, Tahu Mistika, Lewa Phantoka, Antroz Jetrax T6 form, and of course Jaller Mahri. The main portion of the set includes 3 scenes from the trilogy. There are also 4 other smaller builds, a small Kardas, a small Jetrax T6, spinax, and a minifig stand that can be placed on the top. I belive this would be a good set because of Kardas and the scenes. The set is 884 pieces.

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