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The Knight Museum


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The Knight History Museum has two main levels that are filled with various exhibits.  On the first floor visitors to the museum can explore dinosaur models and a gem display.  There is also an area for museum researchers. A grand set of stairs leads to a historical display of various cultures from the New World.  Two main hallways on either side of the second floor contain an Asian exhibit on one side and an exhibit from the Ancient world of the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians on the other.  At the other end of the second floor is a historical exhibit from Europe.  A secret passage is located behind a picture in this exhibit which can be accessed to reach the roof where an observatory is located.  A gang of nefarious villains hide throughout the museum waiting for night to fall so that they can steal its precious treasures. 

The Museum is built on two 32x32 stud base plates and is roughly double the size of a traditional modular building.  Each layer and the roof can be removed as in normal modular buildings.

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