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Battle of Kashyyyk

Background of Kashyyyk through the Clone Wars:

Start of the Battle: Separatists droids flock to a thriving bay city of Kashyyyk, Kachirho to invade and destroy the city. The Republic Clones and Wookiees of Kachirho cannot hold off the attack and are losing ground every moment. Soon they are pushed to the edge of the beach...

The Reinforcements Arrive: Finally battle after battle, the reinforcements of Grand Master Yoda arrive. Soon the battle shows signs of stopping and the Republic has won!

Not Quite: Suddenly just one com-link call can change everything...

Order 66: Even thought the battle is over the Jedi are not safe. Grand Master Yoda barely escapes his murderers, but he is the luckiest.

The Death Toll:

Luminara Unduli: Almost immediately after Order 66 was received, Master Unduli fell to heavy blaster fire.

Quinlan Vos: Master Vos was luckier than Master Unduli. He received terrible wounds,but
was able to escape into the jungle and heal.

Information Resources:
Credit for information to Wookieepedia. Here is the URL.

Kashyyyk Set Ideas:

Clone Battle Pack $12.99
Minifigures Include: Clone Troopers, Kashyyyk Trooper, and 2x Swamp Troopers

Droid Battle Pack $12.99
Minifigures Include: 4x Droids and Commander Droid

Wookiee Battle Pack $12.99
Minifigures Include: 3x Wookiees, Tarfful, and Chewbacca

Yoda's Escape Pod $19.99
Minifigures Include: Yoda, Chewbacca, Tarfful, and 2x Clone Troopers
Features: Yoda's Escape Pod and Woodland Area

Beach Attack $89.99
Minifigures Include: Luminara Unduli, 2x Clone Troopers, and 2x Droids
Features: 2x Corporate Alliance Tank and Wookiee Treehouse

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This project is proud to support:
Dimitriniko: UCS Star Wars Jedi Temple Coruscant
NanaBrown: Battle of Utapau
KitBricksto: Royal Naboo N-1 Starfighter
asmithtech1: Trade Federation Lucrehulk-Class Battleship
HolbROOK: Republic Escape Pod
crvannorman: Anakin's Mos Espa Quarters
3d_predator: Kashyyyk-Gunship 7676 - Custom Star Wars
sepsymp: TRANDOSHAN 'Wookie Hunt' Set

New Picture:The new picture of Yoda's Garrison. (I believe Garrison is treehouse) It looks much better on the main picture, but the rest of Kashyyyk is not done yet so I decided to leave it off the planet until the rest was done!

Clone Scout Walker and Clone Trooper reinforcements battling droids. Main wookiee treehouses. To the left is the planned assassination of Yoda and Chewbacca. To the right, Order 66 being received.

Clone Turbo Tank and Clones pushing back the droids. Quinlan Vos running from the Clones after Order 66 is received. (He is behind the rocks)

Wookiee and Clones battle the storming Droids of the Separatists. Luminara and her Kashyyyk Trooper Advisor plan and strategize . The clone in the Wookiee treehouse receiving Order 66 to kill all Jedi.

Created by wertyjj

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