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Freight Locomotives Pack


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to check out the Freight Locomotive Pack!

Description of the Locomotives Included

  • Union Pacific Locomotive-This locomotive has dual ditch lights in the front, and a nose-mounted headlight. The windows on the cab are tinted black, and the smooth gray roof is full of detail. The locomotive is based on the engine 4635, and it even has all of the real graphics that would appear on a real locomotive. Even the railing is accurately placed.
  • Green Locomotive-This locomotive has two ditch lights in the front of the locomotive, along with a nose-mounted headlight. The railings are identical to the Union Pacific Locomotive's railings, other than the fact that they are yellow. The green and black roof is highly detailed, with dual horns simulated by 1 x 2 grilles in black. The windows are tinted blue, like the engine that this is based on.
  • General Electric Evolution Hybrid-This locomotive has a single ditch light and an apex-shaped nose-mounted headlight. The windows are clear, just like the real locomotive, and it is even realistically lighter than its heavier counterparts.

We love trains, so this was the perfect way to reflect on our love of trains in our favorite medium, LEGO bricks. Once again, thank you for taking the time to check out the Freight Locomotive Pack!

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