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Witches Tower

Charlie has been stranded on an island inhabited by witches. Explore the magical rooms of this enchanted tower and perhaps... get Charlie out of there before he becomes the ogres lunch!

The tower is five stories tall, each filled with magical creatures and items. The tower is littered with potions and ingredients showing just how busy the witches are at their craft.

There are six minifigures:
  • Charlie
  • Vanessa (Kitchen Witch)
  • Miranda (Head Witch)
  • Aurora (Flying Witch)
  • Skelly (Skeleton)
  • Ogre

I wanted to do something unique and fun for all ages. I filled the tower to the brim with magical looking pieces to bring the tower to life; My goal was to design it in a way that looks like a group of runaway witches quickly built a refuge on an island far from civilization (using magic of course).

This would be a wonderful build for anyone who loves the mystical and enchantment in their collection. It's easily playable given the right amount of imagination. The tower can be opened into two halves that show each room off in a dollhouse style, making it easy to maneuver minifigures and great for play. There are also fun unique attributes about the tower, there is a trapdoor that can be interacted with and the top spire can be rotated to fly the witch around on her broomstick. 

All in all, I believe this would be a fantastic build to add to anyone's collection regardless of age.

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