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Summer Carnival


My Story

I went to a carnival when I was young with my sister. Carnival is a place that full of happiness and excitement. Hovever, that carnival was already closed. I missed it, so I built it with bricks. I really believe that this model could have a lot of genuine interest for the fans of the fairground sets. This is my fourth project that I have sumbitted.


This model consists of six 16x16 bases. There are 6 booths including Aqua Blasta, Jurassic Adventure, Dodgem Cars, Magic Maze, food kiosk and public toilet. The colour themes are red, yellow, blue, tan, white and black respectively. You can find many details in it. This model has 49 minifig (36 adults, 12 children and 1 baby).

If you like my design, please kindly support it. Thank you.

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