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8-Bit Mega Art


Sizzlin' Circuits! It's the year 20XX and this is a model of your favorite blue bomber! This set would be great for any fan of classic games or Megaman. He would make a great display piece and look great on a shelf next to your classic console or moounted to a wall

The model is based off the classic 8-Bit sprite and I used pick a brick to order all the bricks I would need so they all already exist. He's 2 studs  deep for rigidity and is made from about 260 pieces but that's because they didn't offer the sizes I would have liked in the particular colors I needed. He's mostly black on the other side. The bricks I used for his skin were only available as 2x1 so their color pops out on that side.

I made the strip on his blaster yellow instead of light blue because I like the yellow strip. He's also slightly stretched vertically because bricks are rectangular and not square

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