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Auto Transport Truck

The Auto Transport Truck was create and designed by I. The idea behind this truck is to bring something new to the Lego market that has never before been seen. This truck also allows people to find out how it's like to be a truck driver and how they work and operate. This auto transport truck acts and works just like a real, life like auto transport truck. It can haul up too 11 cars, the decks can lower and rise, and turn in any direction you would like. Only difference between this auto transport truck, and an orginial one is this one is made up of 100% lego bricks. Auto Transport Trucks and Legos are my passion. With your help i think my truck would make a great addition to Lego. Please support my idea it would greatly be appreciated. please and thank you.

This is the auto transpost truck without the trailer. As you can see the wheel can move, the door can open and close, and the decks raise and lower.

This is trailer of the auto transpost truck with the ramp ready too load the cars.

This is the front of the auto transpost truck.

The photo above is the Auto Transpost Truck fully loaded. As you can see it can haul up to 11 cars.

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