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The Battle of Kashyyyk - Kachirho Beach Assault

NOTE: The beach is not on the main picture because having the entire set in it would make the picture too unclear/blurry.


In the last year of the Clone Wars, the CIS launched a massive invasion of the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk. While Kachirho's beaches are attacked by separatist droid forces, a droid gunship is being shot down by a Wookiee ornithopter. Will the combined strength of the Wookiees and Clone Troopers be enough to hold back the invaders?


This set includes a section of Kachirho's beach with two barricades, three platforms over the water, as well as a HMP droid gunship and a Wookiee ornithopter / fluttercraft and 10 minifigures. It could also serve as a giant battlepack to boost your Wookiee, Droid and 41st forces.

The third in a series of sets on the Battle of Kashyyyk. At least 3 more will follow, so stay tuned!


2x 41st Legion Trooper a.k.a. Sarlacc Battalion Trooper
4x B1 Battle Droid with Backpack
4x Wookiee Warrior (Weapons from left to right: shotgun, bowcaster, ryyk blades, battle staff)

Piece count:

Beach Area: 369 pieces
Droid Gunship: 317 pieces
Wookiee Ornithopter: 155 pieces
Minifigures: 59 pieces
Total: 900 pieces

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A section of Kachirho's beach with two barricades and some platforms.

A HMP droid gunship, equipped with 12 rockets on the vehicle's underside, 8 blaster cannons on the wings & head and one anti-infantry cannon on the "nose"

My redesigned Wookiee ornithopter (front view)

My redesigned Wookiee ornithopter (rear view)

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