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LL-1944 Exploration Vessel

This project is a retro spacecraft built for exploration in the furthest reaches of the universe. It uses the blue, grey and yellow colour scheme of classic space sets, and the introduction of sand blue adds a modern touch.

The vessel is equipped for every purpose, and can easily navigate the galaxy. It includes features such as a three-way fuel supply (with one renewable hydrogen fuel cell and two backup kerosene canisters), folding communication dishes which can be locked in place, rotating automatic laser cannons for clearing asteroids, twin engines for rapid acceleration exhaust grilles for the limited fuel waste produced and removable landing gear.

Removing the roof gives access to the ship’s interior, which is also equipped for a comfortable experience. This includes a single pilot seat, bridge with retro command consoles, telephone for long-range communications, four beds, television, radio, dining table and helmet archive, with references to Unitron and Spyrius.

This ship uses a plethora of interesting building techniques, such as the use of hinges and bars to attach plates at angles. This gives a sleek yet sturdy structure. Greebling techniques are also used throughout, creating a retro science-fiction design.

The minifigure crew consists of four brave astronauts, wearing classic suits in four colours: red, white, black and never-before-seen purple. If oxygen is available, their helmets can be removed and swapped out for individual hair pieces.

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