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I Love My Frenchie


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Frenchies are friendly, social, and affectionate dogs.
They have great character and personality, they are nice and always ready to ... sleep! How not to love them? Impossible! Here is a bust that represents the love for this breed and these unique dogs ... so, love them too!

>> 10 000 votes can make this project a real Lego set! It's free to support, so hit the "support" button if you want to bring this home. <<
With this set you can discover French Bulldogs in all their smiles!
A set of about 1000 PZ that will make you discover the beauty of his wrinkles and the simaptic of his smile. In the end you will have a beautiful bust to display or simply to add to your collection, a nice and smiling statuette that will remind you that in life you have to smile!
10'000 supporters can make this project a real LEGO set, so click the blue support button if you want to bring this home. Please share this with your friends and family if you like it!
I believe everyone should love this dog breed because they really love everyone!
Thanks for support!
If you are an art lover, this might make your day :)

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