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The Three Little Pigs

The story
This is a LEGO set of the traditional tale of the three little pigs. The story is an old one, and involves three small pigs who build houses to protect themselves from a dangerous wolf. The wolf tries to blow each pig's house down. He blows down the house made of straw and the house made of sticks. However, the pig who has the house of bricks ends up the happiest, as their house cannot be blown down.
Why this would make a great set
I believe this would be a great set as it could be used to tell a story to young children. Colourful story books are often used to entertain children, but with this set the story can be told through play, with a physical set! You can recreate the story, as both the straw house and the stick house can be 'blown' down as I have installed a mechanism that knocks the walls down with a swivel of a brick (shown in the images). I also have tried to make the set look as good as possible, so that it can be a display piece for older LEGO fans.
This set includes three little pig mini-figures, a wolf, three different houses with interiors, an apple tree (as pigs love apples) and a little lake with a bench. Notice the spare heaps of straw and bricks left after the pigs had built their houses!

Thank you for any support! Would love some feedback!

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