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Raspberry Box

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You can use “Raspberry Box” as a case for a small computer (Raspberry Pi) or just an accessory case.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized computer that is developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. If you have not heard this computer, you might visit this page (

Since it initially didn’t have a case, I started to build it wondering what sort of case would suit children’s room because Raspberry Pi is designed to encourage children to immerse themselves in computer science according to a web page (

And I was also wondering what it would be if there was a school, where all computers wrapped with LEGO bricks were equipped. Although we might take it for granted that computer case is supposed to be made of plastic or magnesium etc, I thought that it would be interesting if there was a case that does not look like a computer case that people could possibly imagine.

What I tried to make is a raspberry because it’s a name of the small computer (Raspberry Pi). A shape of the case is not that similar to a raspberry itself since I built it as small as possible so as not to hurt relations with the size of credit card. I think that it would be an acceptable trade-off.

This box is split in upper and lower parts so that you can connect a few cables to Raspberry Pi and put it in comfortably, with consideration for using it as not only a sort of object of art but also a computer case. Therefore, when you set up and use the computer (Raspberry Pi), some cables (USB, HDMI, LAN, Power cable etc.) come out of “Raspberry Box”, shaped like a raspberry, would be something new and interesting appearance as both LEGO object and a computer case for children.

I hope that you like my idea.
Thank you.

LOWER part
[2x4] brick: 8, [2x3] brick: 40, [2x2] brick: 38,
[1x3] brick: 4, [1x2] brick: 20, [1x1] brick: 24

UPPER part
[2x4] brick: 8, [2x3] brick: 20, [2x2] brick: 29,
[1x2] brick: 14

LEAF part
[2x4] brick: 4,
[1x4] brick: 4, [1x3] brick: 8, [1x2] brick: 16, [1x1] brick: 4

As I mentioned, you can use “Raspberry Box” as an accessory case if you add some bricks.

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