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Slim Fang Fighter

The Slim Fang Fighter gets It's name for the fangs on the wings. The set includes 1 minifigure that being a pilot. The ship has a long nose at the front which goes up to the main middle section of the ship where you can open up a hatchet to show some engines. The wings are red and black dominant but have orange spring-loaded shooters. The cockpit is has enough space to place your pilot.The pilot wears mostly white with a beige vest. He comes with his own space blaster. Going onto the back section, there is a huge storage compartment to store minifigure accesories. You can open up the top and side panels for maximum space to fit your hand and grab what you need. The storage area also has a wrench so you can imagine your pilot repairing the engine using the feature I talked about earlier where you can open an area to the engine. The back area has a booster. This idea is going to be great for kids to play with as it is packed with awesome features! I admire these types of spaceship models and this one to me is no different! I hope you guys enjoy the idea!

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