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The Peanuts

The gang is here with the Peanuts. This set brings Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock, Linus, Lucy, Sally, and Peppermint Patty into Lego bricks. This set features Soopys flying dog house, Woodstocks tree, and Charlie Browns house complete with a load of details. The house features three rooms. Living room, kitchen. And Charlie Browns bedroom. His bedroom features a bookshelf, bed, and cheser doors for clothes. The kitchen features an old style refrigerator and dining table. The living room features a couch, chair, and a TV on a stand. It features close to around 800-900 pieces.
Why do I think that The Peanuts would be a good Lego set. Ever since I was young around Christmas one of the many movies you would watch would always be Charlie Browns Christmas Story which I think most people also watch st Christmas because it is a classic. Lego already makes so many shows that people like so why not one that everyone likes. 
Please go support and share with your friends so we could have our own Peanuts set in the future all we need to begin our journey to a set is 10 thousand supporters so start supporting and sharing. 

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