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The Princess & The Frog


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I got a lot of positive feedback on my Giant Snail Jousting project, and someone suggested I continue with the whacky fantasy theme, so here is my next creation. This is how the princess gets around, on a giant frog with her little carriage and chauffeur. He uses a bug on a stick to keep the frog on track, but hang on tight because its a bumpy ride! She can even store her valuables in the frog's mouth.

I was inspired by the Series 12 Princess and the Frog minifigure, and the set contains about 315 pieces. I used photoshop to show what it could look like with a printed pattern on the back in one of the pictures. One of the things I really wanted to incorporate in the design were realistically poseable legs. The front ones don't move much, but the hind legs can be extended all the way out, like a real frog's.

I had a lot of fun designing this and trying to make it look realistic, if extremely silly. One cool thing about these sets is that they could also be built without the minifigures, as nice normal models of garden or pond animals. I hope you like it!

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