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Paul Blart

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HI, im Blart, Paul Blart, mall security..
paul and the segway is a total of 14 pcs.
pauls minifig upper body can be used with or without the extra belly as a new cop minifig upper body part.
in first picture he is seen without the extra belly.

since im not the inventor of poul blart. and the idea came from comments to other project i did, and im only the creator of this fig. in case this project goes viral and lego will produce it. every single cent ill make on this project, will be donated to charity. the danish FCB, Foreningen Cancerramte Børn (kids with cancer)
( only if used for the poul blart fig. not if segway or minifig upper body part and head is put in production for other stuff ) ( not doing these things for the money tho, but fair is fair )

the extra belly poul, the segway and assembly guide.
for stabillity the 2x2 plate should be made of iron/heavy metal.

here is another poul blart on segway. the fig is 50% larger then a minifig. he has a baton, pepperspray and hand cuffs. maybe this one is more for adult fans of poul blart, to have on shelf and maybe push around once a while.
you will tho need sum strong glue to build it. unless lego will produce it.
a total of 59 pcs

top: big paul
buttom 4: put in different colors, for easy assembly guide.

blue: assembly guide for big paul blart segway. bricks in the purple square, should be made of iron/heavy metal.
red: the roof tile should be 1x2 x 1 high for full cover of the chest.
green: assembly guide for big poul blart fig.

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