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The Rocket (The Return)


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The Lego Rocket ​project has made its return! She made 84 supporters when she was 333 pieces. Let's see how well she does with 376 pieces, shall we?

This slightly modified version of the Lego ​Rocket is 376 pieces. Didn't I already say that? Anyway this train model was meant for all uses, except for putting it on Lego train track. Display, play, and appreciation for detail are the three uses for this set.

If you want to see the real Rocket steam engine in real life, visit the ​Henry Ford Museum​, or visit the London Science Museum​I suggest you go to ​the Henry Ford Museum​, as many people from across the globe have and still travel to Michigan to visit the iconic landmark.

I hope you liked this project! Please tell me what you think of it in the comments. If you have suggestions for new projects, I'm all-ears. Until then, see you all later, alligators! By cheesy. 10/12/2017

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