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Power Miners Ultimate Driller


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Dear Visitor,
Firstly, let me introuduce myself. My name is Bálint Szegő, I am a huge LEGO fan from Hungary. I am almost 15 years old. 

About my creation: 
  • Power Miners is one of my favourite theme from the LEGO history. I built a big vehicle what we haven't already seen in the Power Miners line-up. It's name is Ultimate Driller, because it has two big drillers. 
  • I dreamed it with two minifigures, with a Brains (pm007), and with a new rockmonster called "Ethyrox", who is purple.
  • It contains 336 LEGO parts.
  • I think it can be a good LEGO set because it has playable features, and the Power Miners fans can find the most typical elements of Power Miners in it. I miss the Power Miners line-up so much.

If you also miss it, and you like my idea please support it! 

Thank you so much, every single support means a lot to me!


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