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Hard Rock Cafe


Why Hard Rock?

Who would resist to drop in for a nice burger and french fries flavored with some powerful guitar riff? Definitely not me! As a teenager and an avid guitar player back in the days I could only dream to visit one of these places since the closest one wasn’t reachable at the time. Fast-forward to today and I am still as excited as I used to be and whenever I travel and there’s a Hard Rock Cafe in town - I’ll definitely make my way there and get a mini-guitar keychain souvenir just like I did for the first time more than a decade ago!    

About the build

The build consists of 2840 pieces and 6 minifigures including 3 employees and 3 visitors.
The restaurant is a two story european style building with detachable floors and the roof. The back wall can be opened in a dollhouse manner for better access and playability. 
Designing this project I did my best to communicate that distinctive Hard Rock atmosphere through bricks and dived into details and uncommon parts usage. I hope music fans are going to appreciate numerous rock-related references and easter eggs I have implemented in this build!

Easter Egg hunt

In 1971 the first Hard Rock Cafe was established in London at 150 Old Park Lane in a deserted Rolls Royse dealership by two enthusiasts Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett. It’s name was inspired by a cafe pictured on the back of the album by “The Doors” band. So, let me know in the comments if you found any references in my build ;)

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