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Wizards Keep

In the darkest, deepest part of the forest lays the enchanted Wizards Keep. The ancient home of the mysterious Wizard and his helpers. Some villagers have stumbled upon this magic keep. Are the wizards going to turn them into frogs? Or perhaps give them three wishes? What adventures are waiting for you in the mysterious Wizards Keep?

This set is absolutely one of my childhood dreams coming true. As a kid playing with lego and creating fantasy worlds and scenarios was the most fun I could ever have and it still is. With this, I wanted to create an interactive and fun play-set, as a tribute to all those wonderful times. This set is created in such a way that it hopefully can be a fun build both for children and adults. There are some unusual building techniques for the more experienced builder and some interactive play features for us that enjoy interacting with our Lego builds once they are finished.

The set consists of the Keep that is separated into three parts: The main Keep, the back keep and the tower.

Minifigures in the set: The Wizard, two helpers, and two villagers.

Thank you for your time!

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