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Rouge One Scarif - Micro Landscape


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With the release of Rouge One imminent I thought I would present for your consideration 'The Scarif Micro Landscape'

This is my most action packed micro landscape build to date. There's an aerial battle taking place between a tie striker and rebel u-wing high above the sandy shores of Scarif.

Below on the ground there are two AT-ACT walkers. One has taken a direct hit from a smart rocket fired by a rebel hero.

Finally at the back of the scene the Rebels have succeeded in planting explosives on an imperial cargo ship. Blowing it up before it can take supplies to the Death Star.

All the micro vehicles can be removed and positioned in different areas of the landscape and come with the option to either use the explosion details or remove them.

I am really pleased with this micro landscape and hope it is something you would enjoy owning yourself.

Thanks in advance for your support. 

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