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Ford Econoline Vintage Van



Another Vintage Van Classic!  Econoline is a mainstay at any car show.  This custom Econoline Vintage Van is dubbed "Night Light" for the lights in the side "port holes".  (I've actually seen a van that looked very similar.)

I stuck to my standard 8 wide format which isn't completely functional, but I came up with working Back Doors!  So that's exciting!  (8 wide doesn't typically allow for things like doors, or opening windows...)

This 60s camper van came many variations, including a pick-up version.  I think Econolines are the van of choice for a great many rust heads and vanning enthusiasts.  See a multitude of versions HERE

I don't seem to be stopping on my Vintage Van MANIA.  Who knows what's next?  I might be working on your favorite right now!


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