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Lego Ninjago: Fire vs Smoke


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Hello everyone, Henny here with another news report. Guess what, I got invited to the tournament of elements. Right now, there will be a new battle at the lava place. Lets see what Chen's going to say.

" Kai master of fire versus Ash master of smoke, fight.

It was a scary battle but everyone was okay. Anyway do you wanna know who won? 

Its your choice, all you have to do is support and build this, and then just write in the comments who won.

This set comes with original Kai, because Kai came to the tournament with that suit.

It also includes Ash with a slightly different torso. It has alot of fire and comes with a bridge.

There are a lot of rocks but, one of them has the jade blade on it. Its all your descion on who wins,

                                                          just don't forget to support.

Anyway, Henny4315 signing off.

PS. If you have any requests related to this set, I will try to fulfill your wish.

Chow guys.

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