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The starry sky background for the images was created by John "Lego Paige" and applied by me (poorly) in Photoshop. Check out John's Flickr for more classic space!

The Strider patrols the surface of unfriendly planets, keeping danger at bay and explorers safe from marauding alien creatures. You never know what kind of terrain may be encountered, so it 's designed to be able to walk over most obstacles.

The set comprises about 350 pieces, including a driver and a space soldier. The legs each have 3 points of articulation, allowing for many poses and walking-type motion. The rear portion raises up to show an engine compartment. The top hatch opens for access to the driver's compartment. The main laser canon elevates. Two storage hatches are available to stow the driver's gear, and there is a full set of pioneer tools.

This set would be a lot of fun, and is very sturdy. If you like it, please take a look at my speeder in the same color scheme.

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