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Bed & Breakfast


1 k deadline !

Awesome ! 2nd deadline already passed in such short time. Thank you all very much!


Model built :)

It took a while for all bricks to arrive so I could actually build my model. I did have to make some slight changes because not all bricks are available in the colors and shapes I used with LDD. Still, I think it resembles it quite well. I am not a good photographer so please excuse the quality of the pictures.


Functional Outhouse

Quote Geobrick : ... my only worry is that the outhouse isn't functional? Did you happen to cram a toilet in that space, or is it also 'private'? ;-)

Dear Geobrick, do not worry anymore, the outhouse is now functional, though I suspect that the occupants would still prefer to have some privacy anyway :D The poor man was startled when the door was openend, dropped his paper. The observant watcher may notice the slight indication that the pants are really down :P Grabbing his pants, he rushed away, making it possible for us to see the interior. I remember my grandfather's outhouse; a mere wooden box with a hole in it. This outhouse is slightly more luxurious.


Thanks everyone for all your nice comments and supports!


100 votes deadline ! update on bedroom


thank you all for making the first deadline so fast :)

Some people here and on other social media, mentioned the lack of a bedroom. My intention was to make those in the attic but the brick limit got in the way unfortunately. To accomodate the requests however, I changed the room on the groundfloor into a bedroom and even managed to squeeze in a small shower. This means that granny will reside in the attic. Though she is a lovely kind old lady, (who is still well fit to climb stairs mind you!) she likes her privacy as well. Hence the attic is not open for public :)

Thank you for supporting this project, and feel free to share with friends :D