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Offshore Wind Platform

Welcome to the Offshore Wind Platform!

In the near future, reliance on fossil fuels has dropped dramatically in the face of renewable energy sources. However, relics of the past remain: offshore oil platforms. These structures remain as impressive feats of engineering, but are no longer useful in their present form.

This Offshore Wind Platform is built on the skeleton of an old oil platform, but has been transformed dramatically into a futuristic research base and power plant! The power of the ocean breeze is captured by an advanced wind turbine, while marine scientists are able to use the rest of the platform as a research base that allows a closer look at the marine life they study!

The Offshore Wind Platform consists of 2066 bricks, and is an experiment in combining different architectural styles: a sleeker, near-futuristic style for the front, and an industrial, unconverted section in the rear. However, one can see several details showing how the platform is slowly being adapted from the old oil rig to the modern wind/ocean research platform, such as the worker repainting the support columns, and the oil barrels being converted to flower pots!

The platform consists of 2 floors, with several distinct modules that are removable. The lower floor contains the main central turbine room, a maintenance workshop in the cargo container, and a research submersible launch bay, complete with a winch to raise and lower the submersible. The maintenance workshop in the cargo container is removable for interior access, along with the crane tower.

The upper level contains the main ocean research lab room, with large windows and a mini-aquarium. The research lab is removable to allow viewing of the futuristic batteries that store the energy from the main turbine, as well as viewing the main living section. The main living section above the cargo container consists of a small kitchen and a double-bunk bed, as well as a removable roof.

On the outside section of the upper level, a helipad allows advanced drones to deliver supplies to the personnel, while catwalks allow access to the back of the station to where a large cargo crane remains as a remnant of the platforms history as an oil rig.

The inspiration for this projects really is just thinking about how oil platforms could be repurposed in the future, as they do remain impressive engineering structures, but may become obsolete with the advent of new technologies. I hope you enjoy and support this project!

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