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Stitch's Red Hover Car


This is a model of Stitch's red hovercraft, from the end of Lilo and Stitch the Disney movie. I have been working on this model on and off for 2 years to try making as best as I could. The three clear parts on the bottom make it so that the car hovers and can turn / lay sideways (like he is turning it or banking). On the bottom there is also a wrench as a play feature so that Stitch can make repairs on the hover car and it can be used as a brick separator. This vehicle  is complete with engines, white stripe, grills, and front and back lights. I built this model so that my Stitch minifigure could have a vehicle and I like building and designing legos. I think that this would be a good lego set because not many people have the Stitch minifigure and it would be fun for them to have a vehicle with him.

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