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Imperial Limousine

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Ride in old time style with this detailed model of the Imperial Limousine. Prior to world war II cars like this were the zenith of luxury among the wealthy elite and royalty. The model features realistic details from the chromed hood ornament, headlights, car horns front grill, white wall tires, hubcaps, travel trunk, curved designs, and old time two-tone paint scheme. model had working front and rear doors, fits 2 minifigures, and trunk storage. No doubt this set would look great in the hands of your child or perched on your shelf displayed.

Set shown with two intended mini-figures and roof removed to show interior detail. Model has steering wheel, driving pedal, gear shift, and colored tan interrior. the two Mini-figures included are detailed to reflect a proper gentleman of the time and his major domo driver companion.

This rear view shows the travel trunk perched at the rear of the vehicle, as was typical of the time. the rear also reflects the simple design of the time.

In this view the mini-figures are shown in the model with roof intact ready for playtime or display. here you can also really see the detail given to the model with the white wall tires, spare, hubcaps with chrome detail. this also provides a great look at the details added to the front end to make it look as close to the actual real life cars of the time.

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