Product Idea |

the Chess Suitcase

Beautiful case containing the classic chessboard for beautiful games of chess or checkers.
The suitcase opens by lifting the two locks and detaching the lower part of the suitcase.
Once opened, the playing surface is located which, when lifted, hides the playing pieces underneath it:
black king and queen,
2 black bishops,
2 black horses,
2 black towers,
8 black pawns,
18 black checkers for checkers,
white king and queen,
2 white standard bearers,
2 white horses,
2 white towers,
8 white pawns,
18 white checkers for checkers.
But inside there are also a dice and 2 pieces in the shape of a duck, while the adult delights in chess, the little ones can play the famous "game of the goose".
The lower part of the suitcase we detached earlier is a board to use with our ducks.
Good fun.

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